Wednesday, June 24, 2015

iPhone app grossed $ 1.5 million per day

Revenue per day of Clash of Clans is up to 1.56 million from this game allows users to download for free.

Almost all of the mobile applications are the highest grossing game. At here, two million games per day surpassed Clash of Clans is 1.56 million and Game of War is 1.09 million. Game Candy Crush causing storms on mobile platforms and Facebook will only reach $ 931,000 per day.
 Why does Clash of Clans free but earn millions? The secret is in the model called "freemium". It means, the user can enjoy the game installed, but they need to buy virtual goods in a game. While many games are free to play certain levels and some require pay to play the higher level, the Clash of Clans to have strategic flexibility.

Users can play the entire game without spending a penny. However, Supercell, which owns Clash of Clan, the player understands that their psychological impatient capital.

Players will gradually build a house, defense systems, purchased soldier ... They can use these soldiers attacked other players to have more resources. But a lot of players impatient and think why they have to spend so much time to train soldiers while they only need to spend small amounts of money to expedite the process.

And then that money gradually increased and helps keep developers pocketed millions of dollars each day. Candy Crush model is almost the same, in that users can pay for to not have to wait for more life.
One other reason why Clash of Clans head was through gameplay (content, gameplay). It is considered typical of the game for mobile devices: simple enough for ordinary players, enough to attract all levels of gaming community "hardcore".

Monday, June 15, 2015

Android is disadvantaged than iPhone

While iOS is a unified system, are updated simultaneously, the operating system of Google heavily fragmented, difficult to control the software upgrades.

Android M, the operating system for smartphones next version and the tablet was officially launched at the conference Google I / O 2015. On the new platform, "the search giant guy" brings a series of upgrades as Contextual search, access rights management, extending battery life. However, most users need yet to emerge, as Android M can not run forever on their devices.

The slow OS update is what makes Android users complain.

Dan Graziano from Cnet said that 6 months after the Android 5.0 release Lollipop, his smartphone has not yet received this upgrade. Meanwhile, Apple's way is completely different when simultaneously launching new iOS update for all supported devices, no matter where the user is and use the services of the public network. As of now, Apple has sold 700 million iPhones, even iPhone 4S debut from 2011 was also upgraded to the latest iOS version. This means that hundreds of millions of Apple mobile phone can be up to life at the same time.

With Microsoft, though Windows Phone market share is still limited but the company has decided to learn in a way Apple. In its announcement, Microsoft stated, all devices running Windows 8 / 8.1 will be upgraded to Windows 10, including cheap product line Lumia 520, Lumia 530.

Unfortunately, Google does not follow this path. Though the operating system for mobile devices with the world's largest market share, but the process of updating software for smartphones and Android tablets is pretty complex.

When a new version, Google will forward to members of the alliance Open HandsetAlliance (OHA) with more than 80 member companies. Next, each manufacturer will rely on them to tweak the source code for your device. Such additional Samsung TouchWiz interface, added a number of features depending on the device. Similar to the HTC Sense UI interface, LG, Sony or Motorola. With the manufacturers to use a completely different software (but still based on Android) as Xiaomi, Amazon ... the customization even more complex place.

If your phone is the international version, not sell through any home network, the process of "cooking" Android is temporarily ends here. However, the Product Key is also another step networks, operators must check the compatibility, add custom or other software. This explains why the same as the model of the Galaxy S5 but this network has been upgraded Android 5.1, while that of the other operators are still not seen the new version.

Users may have to wait for months, half a year or even longer to get the upgrade. So when you were born, it's time Google Android release a newer version. This vicious cycle repeats itself and the user is stuck in the waiting but no way to escape.

Many devices never upgraded version sold not long though.

The problem becomes even worse when users choose to buy the equipment without the manufacturer concerned. Many mobile carriers do not care for the product updates common, uncommon, although those models sold less than a year. Such a launch HTC Desire 820 9/2014 month but so far has not been on Android 5.0 Lollipop and updated Android M story was bigger question mark.

Android lovers give reasons for the slow update of Google by finding the bad points of the opponent. IOS 8.0.1 upgrade has caused many iPhone owners can not access the mobile network, Apple had to stop issuing and released a fix later. But Android also has many defects, with countless complaints on tech forums.

The root of this problem is the diversity even iOS Android is a unified whole. All iPhones are produced by Apple, of course, Android is also from countless large and small companies. Even Windows Phone with the participation of some manufacturers but the basic interface and functionality is similar.

On the side of Google, they allow the telephone companies are allowed to customize the depth, including the interface and change the user experience. Google with Android's motto is "together, but different," says part of this policy.

Recognizing the problem is the fragmentation of Android, Google has launched an initiative to overcome since 2011, but so far they have not recorded any significant results. "We are continuing to work with operators to ensure that Android users have experienced safe and rapid addiction on their devices," Google representative said.

Market share of the Android versions.

According to the version market share, Android Lollipop was released from January to early May 6/2015 11/2014 but have 10% new equipment installed. Meanwhile, as of earlier this year has had on iPhones running iOS 2/3 8 or newer versions.

If users want to choose Android but soon new updated version, they should purchase top devices like Galaxy S6 or LG G4 to quickly be upgraded. Another option is the Nexus line machine, "offspring" of Google. And if you like to "dabble" or try the copy machine, the "ROM" custom community developers released. Of course, if you choose this route, you also must be ready to accept incident during experience, brick (the phone is locked) or violate the warranty policy.

Over all, Google needs to change from within by putting pressure on the manufacturers, the operators so that they soon launched an update to the device. For example, Google launched an Android device regulations of member OHA software must be supported for at least two years and must update to consumers within 30 days of the release.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Apple watchOS 2 - the operating system for the smart watch

Besides adding new native features, Apple also officially named the operating system for the smart watch is OS watch.

Even when called with the new name, the operating system for Apple's smart watch has entered the second version, called OS 2 watch. Beta version for developers in today even while users universally free upgrades around September next.

With OS 2 watch, Apple Watch has added new types of clock face or allow users to create your own clock face, select a photo from Album, Time-lapse shapes from different locations in real time. Products also adds night mode and self-activate when on the cradle to allow the battery information display, time and alarm.

Users are free to personalize the watch face.

The new operating system allows users to create phonebook, answer emails on Apple Watch. Also call connected through iPhone, FaceTime Audio (audio only) can also be used around the clock.

Similarly on iOS 9, watchOS 2 also brings diverse solvency by Apple Pay or direction through the public media in Apple Maps app.

FaceTime calling directly from Apple Audio Watch.

For developers, the operating system for Apple's SmartWatch also become more open to allow data taken directly from the device's information microphone, speaker, accelerometer, digital compass ... Application Development Ministry HomeKit link software allows to adjust the device in the home or HealthKit for applications related to health.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

OS X El Capitan 10.11 unveiled

OS X version 10.11  for the Mac to focus on two main factors is the user experience and optimum performance.

WWDC 2015 opens with the debut OS X El Capitan operation system.

Apple continues to name the new OS version under US landmarks. El Capitan is a steep mountain base located in Yosemite National Park (also the name of the version OS X 10.10).

Apple representatives started talking about OS X 10.11 by major changes in the Safari browser. Users were able to "pin" the only site in the tab bar by pulling to the left, quite similar features of Google Chrome. The address bar also added the ability to concurrently inform directly the music on and off.

Safari allows web pages or user pin and turn off loud music on the address bar.

Spotlight on the new version allows search phrase like a natural spoken language. For example, "documents that I've worked on in June". Applications can also look up the weather, stock, game scores.

 OS X 10.11 also brings new application notes as well as Mission Control interface enhancements to manage the windows better. Notably features Split View, split the screen into two halves for different applications like Windows 8.

Divide the screen into two to work simultaneously two software like Windows 8.

In terms of performance, Apple has made some convincing figures. These include the time you open the application on El Capitan 1.4 times faster than Yosemite. Switching between applications twice as fast while PDF files are opened in Preview 4 times faster.

Misson Control more effectively.

Apple also put Metal on Mac like other iOS which introduced last year to replace the OpenGL graphics rendering. Ability to render more effective when it is 40%.

El Capitan OS X is available for the developers of today and for a free download for all Mac users fall.