Wednesday, June 24, 2015

iPhone app grossed $ 1.5 million per day

Revenue per day of Clash of Clans is up to 1.56 million from this game allows users to download for free.

Almost all of the mobile applications are the highest grossing game. At here, two million games per day surpassed Clash of Clans is 1.56 million and Game of War is 1.09 million. Game Candy Crush causing storms on mobile platforms and Facebook will only reach $ 931,000 per day.
 Why does Clash of Clans free but earn millions? The secret is in the model called "freemium". It means, the user can enjoy the game installed, but they need to buy virtual goods in a game. While many games are free to play certain levels and some require pay to play the higher level, the Clash of Clans to have strategic flexibility.

Users can play the entire game without spending a penny. However, Supercell, which owns Clash of Clan, the player understands that their psychological impatient capital.

Players will gradually build a house, defense systems, purchased soldier ... They can use these soldiers attacked other players to have more resources. But a lot of players impatient and think why they have to spend so much time to train soldiers while they only need to spend small amounts of money to expedite the process.

And then that money gradually increased and helps keep developers pocketed millions of dollars each day. Candy Crush model is almost the same, in that users can pay for to not have to wait for more life.
One other reason why Clash of Clans head was through gameplay (content, gameplay). It is considered typical of the game for mobile devices: simple enough for ordinary players, enough to attract all levels of gaming community "hardcore".

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