Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review Galaxy Note 5 - breakthrough design, camera quality

Modular design, metal frame combined Gorrila Corning Glass toughened glass 4 in front and behind the dorsal surface curved glass sides are the new highlights on the form the latest generation Galaxy Note.

With the new design looks elegant Galaxy Note 5 and more refined thanks to larger, rounded corners are not too many. Additionally, the glass in the back is curved sides, combined with ultra-thin screen edges only 2.4 mm enables impressive large screen smartphone Galaxy Note iPhone 5 is still more comfortable 6 Plus.

5 Galaxy Note is one of the Samsung smartphone has the best finishing quality. Shown in the curve of the glass in the back and the exposed metal frame seamless, very comfortable to hold. The buttons, connectors or external speakers also share part cut around the metal frame finishing sophisticated and meticulous.

Pen S Pen comes to be refreshed with more buttons on the top makes it easy to take over, nearly identical to the boot operation press pen to write on ordinary ballpoint pen. On the Galaxy Note 5, plug the pen tray no longer thrilling hand and aesthetics than on the predecessor.

Color is another highlight in the Galaxy Note 5. Through special optical coating on the back helps create depth to the color on the body depending on the natural light conditions S6 and S6 as Galaxy edge. In the first two editions were brought to Vietnam, Black Sapphire and Platinum gold, the yellow looks sleek, eye-catching.

The marked change in design Galaxy Note 5 brought no little different from previous generations. Products no longer infrared eye (for remote control) and memory card slot tray, instead of memory in super high speed UFS 2.0, 32 GB capacity. 3000 mAh capacity battery is not removable but adds wireless capability fast charger. This is one of the attractive features users, especially when the habit of using the fast charger handy and a popular day out.

S6 and S6 as well as Galaxy edge, the main camera on the back Note 5 above the surface a bit rough on the back, because the integrated lens Optical SteadyShot OIS.

Do not change the screen's parameters but Galaxy Note 5 beautiful than the previous generation. Image clarity and truer thing noticeable when placed next Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy Note predecessor model.

According Display Mate, an organization that evaluates the quality of the screen, Samsung's high end smart phone is one of the quality best displays on the market today.

Samsung uses a 5.7 inch screen with a resolution of 4K QuadHD and Super AMOLED technology. But pixel density of 518 ppi Note 5 to reach help for crisp detail and smooth. Users can even set up at very small font but still sharp and visible.

After many generations, the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 5 increasingly better, more good and outstanding common Stylus pen. Designed pen easier to hold. Apart from writing, drawing with precision or for feeling like writing on ordinary paper, the S Pen on the Note 5 also notes strong possibility as well as extended control features, in addition to operations touch by hand.

Advantages of the new S Pen Note 5 is the ability notes even when the screen is off. Just withdraw the pen, users can write right on the screen is turned off without doing any further action. Compared to finding paper to take notes with a pen generally, drawn pen and notes faster Galaxy Note 5.

Features quick notes (Air Command) on Galaxy Note 5 still includes 3 main parts Screen Writer - notes on any screen, Smart Select - select and save content, Action Memo - notes and interact with contents of notes. Also, if necessary, the user can select and put on another 3 applications.

Two worthwhile additional feature which is write, take notes directly on the PDF files and screenshots rolls. In particular, the feature screen capture nice rolls, making it easy to save a web page with the full length content, instead of shooting several times and each page as on smartphones.
In addition to work, high-end smartphone from Samsung also strongly connected to the peripherals, wireless data sharing and multitasking run. Audio processing capabilities on the Galaxy Note 5 also better thanks to additional technology UHQ Audio sound simulator. The tracks have lower capacity, compression takes more will be handled and lifted higher quality, detailed sound, or more vivid and original.

The advantage of image quality 16 megapixel camera than the lens aperture F / 1.9, supports OIS optical image stabilizer and video recording UltraHD 4K format. Camera still very fast startup and shutter operation with the Home key flashes 2 times. Galaxy Note 5 for detailed images and crisp, good depth of field, beautiful bokeh lens aperture f thanks / 1.9. But the point is much more professional mode (Pro), allows users to set multiple parameters than on the Galaxy Note 5. In addition to ISO, brightness, white balance, or about focus, can adjust speed shutter, super fast speed from 1 / 24,000 sec to 10 sec exposure. Photographs can also be saved as a RAW format.

Video streaming - Live Broadcast is a new feature but easy to use and fun. Galaxy Note 5 video and broadcast live through a YouTube account to share for others to view. The simple initial setup, enable broadcast via both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and resolution of Full HD video can reach 1.080p.

Compared with Galaxy Note 4, the front camera on the Galaxy Note 5 is raised 5 "dots". Advanced model from Samsung for the ability to selfie good when not only has a wide-angle lens, but also in image quality when shooting portraits pretty natural.

As four generations ago, the performance on the new Galaxy Note continues to surpass most advanced smartphone launch. Lollipo Android OS with TouchWiz UI customization Note 5 run smoother on the sample other premium Galaxy. Two changes Samsung is upgrading the RAM to 4GB capacity and reduce pre-installed software from scratch.

With the introduction of 3000 mAh capacity lower down Galaxy Note 4, the battery is something a lot of people interested in the Galaxy Note 5. But in reality, it is still good. In addition to long-time use, allow operation than 1 day to 1.5 days in high intensity, Galaxy Note 5 also supports fast charging both wired and wireless. Full charge time with old chargers and cables Attached average only 80 to 90 minutes, 30% faster than many smartphones have equivalent battery.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Galaxy Tab S2 - sleek, good performance

Galaxy Tab S2 is the thinnest tablet world but still certainly impressive, beautiful screen with the advantage of many customized software and good operational performance.

Tab S2 can be considered as the tablets have the most innovative design of Samsung in recent years. Instead of the screen long tradition 16:10, Korean manufacturers have decided to switch to the ratio of 4: 3 is said to be suitable multi-purpose use with a tablet. In addition, it is also the thinnest tablet double the current world, surpassing iPad Air 2 and Dell Venue 8 7000.

The first impression of the new line of Samsung's Tab S2 boxy styling than before by changing the ratio of the screen. Compared with earlier disasters 16:10 lot of entertainment such as watching videos, the ratio of 4: 3 help look neat superior machine. The shorter length makes the heart machine near the bottom edge over and help with fatigue pawn in the long run. In version 8 inch screen, users can fully use the thumb and middle finger hold two comfortably.

Tab S2 has a thickness of only 5.6 mm and is the thinnest tablet. However, the machine is quite easy to hold thanks to the material on the back rough anti-slip metal edges and make sure the arm point. Samsung put the touch pad is Back and Menu keys close at Home and reduces finger touch handheld mistake.

Despite the impressive thinness, Galaxy Tab S2 has integrated all hardware keys as well as the SIM card slot, microSD card into the side. Meanwhile camera on the back is without LED flash comes.

Galaxy Tab S2 version tested with size 8 inch Super Amoled panels 1,536 x 2,048 resolution pixels. The screen brightness outdoor big help look good, wide viewing angle and no color change or brightness when tilting the camera. Compared with the previous generation, display calibration Tab S2 is better colors, better contrast, but not too bright. High resolution helps show sharp, almost undetectable cog in the small details of the image when viewed with the naked eye. Page renowned technology The Verge also spent 9 for the visibility of this device.

However, on the Galaxy Tab S2, please point most users will come from software. The tablet runs Android has always outdone iPad term operability of stability and customization on the big screen but on Tab S2 is a different story. New Samsung TouchWiz interface design with large icons, lined up quite well and show identical in both horizontal or vertical usage. Most Android tablets often only as telephone interface should look ordinary enlarge pretty rough, difficult to use.

Samsung's new tablet equipped with a Home button cum new type fingerprint sensor similar to the Galaxy line S6 and the new Galaxy Note 5. Instead of having to claw as the previous generation, opening more simple machines by simply pressing the button and keep your finger is more less than one second to unlock the machine. No integration of Android basic keys on the screen as some recent Android tablet line also can be seen as a plus for the Galaxy Tab S2.

In addition to split-screen feature, the software can minimize the window and display multiple windows simultaneously on the screen of Tab S2. With some applications, the user can drag and drop content such as images, text back and forth. It has a SIM card slot, supports 3G connectivity and the seats as the phone, but when a call comes in, the device only displays a small box to inform and not to affect the application being used.

Compared with series tablet running Android and iPad, Galaxy Tab S2 featured office suite from Microsoft Office license preinstalled. These features are not inferior to the traditional PC computer allowing users to work and play simultaneously, replace bulkier laptop. Comes in an account for free One Drive 100GB useful within 2 years. To better support for Office applications suite, Samsung also attach accessories Bluetooth keyboard for Galaxy Tab S2 leave form Coverbook holster. Compared to the iPad, the Android operating system supports connecting external memory or keyboard mouse easier to have many advantages in supporting the work of the user.

To cater for the possibility of multitasking as traditional PC, Galaxy Tab S2 is equipped with a good configuration with Samsung Exynos 5433 processor with 8 cores include 4 core 1.9 GHz speed for demanding tasks and 4 1.3 GHz core speed for light tasks and save more battery. Also, the machine also has 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of internal memory and can be expanded with microSD memory card slot.

Change lot of style and functionality but Tab S2 is virtually unchanged on camera equipped as the previous generation. Rear camera 8 megapixel resolution but no LED flash, while the front is 2.1 megapixels. The only change is the wider aperture allows shooting up a little better, but actually using less feel the difference. Snapshot of the day fairly while shots in low light conditions are not really good. However, compared with the multi-tablet on the market today, Tab S2 remains among the few best photographic model.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The world's largest aircraft expected to perform test flights in 2016.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen started planning to build the world's largest plane in 2011.With some partner - including Elon Musk. Currently, the aircraft (called Stratolaunch) is under construction at Port Aviation, Space Mojave in California and is expected to undergo the first test flight in 2016.

Paul Allen said his company ( Stratolaunch Systems) does not build planes have oversized dimensions for the purpose of setting the record, which projects towards the implementation of the missile launch from the satellites contain researchers said bay. Satellite launch from the aircraft will take place even if the severe weather conditions. The solution also is expected to save energy when the rocket will not start flying at a speed equal to "zero" as the case was launched from the ground. Another advantage of this type of aircraft engineers, scientists can choose the most ideal place to launch missiles without depending on the launching pad. If this test is successful, the satellite will be launched into orbit quickly and more accurately though there is a weight limit will not carry large (due to weight limitations of the aircraft).

Another company Scaled Composites named Burt Rutan with founders is also one of the founders of Stratolaunch Systems, is responsible for closing the world's largest aircraft Stratolaunch using two Boeing 747. According to is, the aircraft when completed, will have a wingspan of 100 meters, 37 meters wider than the wingspan of an Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world today. Chairman Kevin Scaled Composites company's Mickey joked that if put aircraft "oversized" golf balls into the head and tail of it will pass both the goal to 4.5 meters.

Another issue is making the researchers headaches as aircraft need a 3.6 km long runway to take off. While most commercial airplanes currently just over 2 km runway that was able to perform a safe takeoff. Despite the difficulties ahead, Paul Allen still hoping to launch missiles from aircraft will be popular in the future and reduce the cost of space research. Let's wait and see the dream of Paul Allen's colleagues have come true or not?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The mobile phone has the ability to predict the mood of human depression

Smartphones today have been developed beyond the usual features of it as calling, messaging. They are far more integrated features such as Internet access, email, write documents, play games ... Apparently, the smartphone is growing more in terms of features, even in the future we have can detect the status of the user boring.

The researchers from Telefonica Research, Barcelona, ​​Spain have devised an algorithm that detects the level of a boring person based on activities on their phone, such as the last time people it received a call or a text message, or how long he touches new handset once. The rate predicted by this method is about 83% accuracy.

To arrive at this conclusion, the researchers used an Android application to examine the level of user boring daily, lasted for two weeks. The answers were then compared with the data from the smart phone of the respondents, including the number of applications they've used, while using the device...
From these data, the researchers will build an application to predict whether a user is really boring or not. If the application detects the boring, it will automatically display a message suggesting the user to read an article on Buzz Feed. After two weeks, the researchers realized that people really bored tend click Buzz Feed informed than those who accidentally being harassed by this notice.

Tilman Dingler, co-author of the study said that they want to go further with his work to see people want to read what the best content when bored. Earlier, in July, a similar study has come to the conclusion phone users more often likely to become depressed.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lenovo U41 - lightweight, high-performance laptop

Lenovo Laptop features a lightweight design, large touch pad and good performance compared with other laptops with the same price range. One of its unique features is its narrow viewing angle screen.

Lenovo U41

1.9 cm thin and weighing 1.65 kg, U41 is not the thinnest and the lightest 14-inch laptop, but it is very impressive compared to other models with the same price. Despite its low cost, Lenovo is still trying to create elegance for machines, namely in plastic coating metal surfaces as well as the upper palm rest inside.

Machine design is simple and modern with large touch pad also highlighted with key metal resources.
Although some of the parts of the laptop were made of plastic materials, the laptop itself has a solid look and features. These can obviously be noticed on the performance of its hinges. The Lenovo U41 can be open and closed at a 180 degrees wide angle that accentuate how durable and flexible its hinges are.

Omit optical drives by request of thinness, U41 is still full connectivity with 2 USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, HDMI, SD card reader, LAN jack and 3.5mm headphone port.
U41 has an AccuType keyboard which is ergonomically designed to make typing more comfortable and reduce errors. Although the keyboard has a good bounce it still has a heavy press feeling when you used it.Optimized for Windows 8 and beyond, the intuitive, easy-to-use touch pad features simple scroll, zoom and rotate functions.

The keyboard has a good bounce.

Lenovo U41 is equipped with a Dolby Home Theater speaker system technology with 1.5 W speakers destined to increased audio clarity and maximized volume output without distortion.

Lenovo's new laptops have 14 inch screen and a HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Instead of the glossy screens that most laptops have, the Lenovo U41 has an anti-glare screen which allows anyone to use it efficiently and comfortably even under a bright light or sun flare. However, by not using the IPS panel, the viewing angle of the laptop is not good.

Anti-glare screen but is not wide viewing angle.

It’s battery life was tested for by viewing a 720p movie with continuous playback, a turn-off Wifi connection, adjusted volume of 70% with the use of headphones rather the speaker (sound of chapter Windows Media Player to the level of 100%) and running at 50% brightness, it was estimated that the battery lasted for about 3 hours and 42 minutes.The result was almost equivalent to the estimated time of 4 to 5 hours that the manufacturer promised.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Charming Bed & Breakfast Inns In North America

B&B Guide To Growing Your Business

Niche markets can be a great opportunity for both marketing and business - there are so many possibilities, from hikers to business groups, that it's easy to get started and find a niche for your B&B.

"Aux Portes de la Nuit" Bed and Breakfast

The "Aux Portes de la Nuit" Bed and Breakfast is nestled in a superb hundred-year-old house facing the lovely St-Louis square on one of the most picturesque streets of Montreal.

The Victorian appearance of the house has been preserved with its antique furniture, interior wood trim, and various decorative touches. In addition, to meet the needs of modern times, each guestroom in the house comes with a private bathroom.

The Bed and Breakfast has been in business for over thirty years and is now operated, as of July 2002, by Ôlivia Durand and her team.

A Quiet Vermont Bed and Breakfast

Our home in Vermont is a big old Vermont farmhouse and the land that it sits on has been in the family since the town was founded. This historic 1840's Vermont Farmhouse is surrounded by pastures and hundreds of acres of woods, trails and even a waterfall.

The house features hardwood and wide plank floors and incredible views of Vermont's Green Mountains. Vermont's law school in South Royalton is just 2 miles down the road. The short walk or bike ride along Back River Road into South Royalton follows the White River where you can enjoy tubing, fishing and swimming holes.

Come and enjoy the peaceful, relaxed life that Vermont has to offer.

Bed and Breakfast in Vancouver's Downtown

From the website of The West End Guest House

Built in 1906, this Vancouver bed and breakfast has been refurbished with many modern conveniences. The original builders and occupants of the house were the owners of Edwards Brothers Photo Supplies in Vancouver. The early years of the West Coast are chronicled in the Edwards Brothers photographs throughout the rooms. The setting is completed with accents of old world comforts such as overstuffed parlour furniture and a Belgian-made mahogany dining suite circa 1920. Other memorabilia and antiques are found throughout this popular Bed and Breakfast Inn

Award Winning Northern Michigan B &B

Bellaire, Michigan

Enjoy a stay at this romantic award-winning Northern Michigan bed and breakfast in Bellaire with short drives to Traverse City, Charlevoix, and Petoskey. Our Bellaire attractions include Shanty Creek Resort for golf and skiing; Torch Lake for sailing and boating. Complete your romantic Michigan getaway with fine dining at a premier restaurant such as the Rowe Inn, or Lulu's Bistro. For a nice change of pace, its a short walk to Shorts Brewing Co. and some of northern Michigan's best micro-brew! Before leaving, visit the Bellaire Smokehouse for the best selection of local cuts of fresh meat and fish.
Bellaire is centrally located in beautiful Antrim County Michigan, home to Northern Michigan's famed 'Chain of Lakes'

The Martha Washington Inn

Abingdon, VA

The Martha Washington Inn began life as an illustrious home indeed! It was built in 1832 as a private residence for General Francis Preston and Sarah Buchanan Preston and their nine children.

Much of the architectural integrity of this historic landmark has been meticulously preserved for over a century and a half. The original brick residence still comprises the central structure of The Martha Washington Inn and the original living room of the Preston family is now the main lobby of the inn. In fact, the grand stairway and parlors are today much as they were in the 19th century. The rare and elaborate Dutch-baroque grandfather clock, measuring over nine feet tall, was shipped from England by one of the Preston daughters, Mrs. Floyd, and now resides in the East Parlor.

Bed & Breakfast Centreville

Québec, Québec

"This Bed and Breakfast is in a home that dates from 1875, home to one of the well known families of that era and is located in what was then the centre of the city of Quebec. Luckily this building escaped the many major fires that ravaged much of the old city in those years.

While protecting the original brick walls, woodwork and staircases our home has been completely renovated. You will find our five bedrooms, each with a private bath/shower/toilet facility, as comfortable as they are charming. Our delightful breakfasts will get you off to a great start each morning.

Our neighbourhood, once the heart of the old city, is being carefully restored; a lovely park is close by, as well as many interesting restaurants and cafés. From here, it is an easy walk to many of the principal historic points of interest. Your host, Bernard, is a qualified tourist guide and will be happy to provide you with walking tour maps and advice to ensure that you really enjoy your stay in Quebec to the fullest". This description taken from their website.

Maine Stay Inn Spa

The Maine Stay Inn, want you to have the perfect getaway - something homey and comfortable, yet luxurious and romantic. And this is exactly what you will find at their inn.

Located in the historic seaside village of Kennebunkport, Maine, and close to a lot of attractions, you will be well taken care of by innkeepers : Judi & Walter Hauer.

The Charles Street Inn

Located in Boston, Massachusetts

From the website of Charles Street Inn
"Gas street lamps light your way past unique boutiques and antique stores as you stroll down historic Charles Street, where our Boston luxury bed & breakfast is located. As you come from outdoors, this gracious 1860 townhouse welcomes you with vintage furnishings clustered around original marble fireplaces.

Our Boston luxury inn has nine guest rooms, each named for famous Beacon Hill residents who made contributions to the Arts. Each is carefully decorated with elegant antiques, and historic textures and colors to evoke the classic comfort of Victorian times.

Luxuriate in the grand past, while enjoying working fireplaces, whirlpool tubs, mini-refrigerators, cable TV/VCR, CD players, in-room HVAC controls, and DSL internet access. Full concierge services are provided.

Our Boston luxury bed & breakfast has rooms priced between $250 and $550 (depending on season and day of the week), so the Charles Street Inn offers outstanding value for a memorable experience.

"A business executive tired of waiting for elevators in larger chain hotels might find some solace here. But the inn's historic ambiance and central city location amid an array of boutiques and restaurants also make it perfect for an elegant, romantic getaway."

Inn By The Sea

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

We invite you to the new Inn by the Sea, where luxury comes naturally.

A multi-million dollar makeover has elevated the Inn into Maine's premier luxury beach destination. We've added services and amenities, changing nearly everything except our warm and friendly staff. All 57 guest rooms, suites and cottages have been designed to pamper you with comfort in a sophisticated palette of deep red, cognac and charcoal with maple furnishings and locally commissioned artwork. Inn by the Sea intends to redefine coastal luxury.

We offer a full-service Spa where you can unwind and be soothed by luxurious facials, massages and treatments. And, while you gaze at the spectacular untouched beauty of Crescent Beach, our restaurant Sea Glass presents an authentic Maine culinary experience prepared from the freshest local ingredients.

We are eager to welcome you with an even more accommodating level of service, while continuing our environmentally sensitive and pet welcoming practices. Come surround yourself with Maine's natural beauty while we surround you with every creature comfort. And, all this is just minutes away from Portland, named among the top twelve "surprising, thriving and emerging world travel destinations for 2007" by Frommer's Travel Guides and

The Inn's high service standards and friendly, well-trained staff earn the highest praise from the fact that our cherished guests return year after year. The travel industry also recognizes these achievements with its acclaim:

Inn by the Sea selected in top 100 hotels in the United States and Canada by Travel & Leisure readers for 2007.

Voted #1 for "Best Maine Inn," Maine Sunday Telegram.

The Inn at 22 Jackson

Cape May, NJ

Located on one of the busiest and most festive streets in Cape May,
the Inn at 22 Jackson claims a wonderful view of the town's activity from three stories of Queen Anne style verandahs.

The navy blue, purple and white Queen Anne Victorian is always gaily outlined in lights.

Stafford's Bay View Inn

Located in Petoskey, MI

Our flagship property, Stafford's Bay View Inn, offers guests the grace and romance of a bygone era, set against the exquisite views of Little Traverse Bay. This charming country inn was built in 1886 and has enchanted visitors for over 120 years. Some of northern Michigan's finest dining can be experienced in our Roselawn Dining Room. Cool relaxing evenings on the Reed Avenue Porch make for unforgettable memories. We invite you to experience the charm and hospitality of this unique country inn and the unparalleled service that only Stafford's can provide.

For over 40 years, Stafford Smith and his family have owned, operated and lovingly restored this grand Victorian country inn on the shores of Lake Michigan's Little Traverse Bay. It stands as a warm and welcoming retreat from worldly pains and pressures. It is a place to pause, reflect and unwind.

Charming Saratoga Farmstead

Saratoga Springs, NY

One of the first bed & breakfast inns in the Saratoga area.

The Farmstead has a very long history, having been built in the late 1700's. Thus far, ownership has been traced to the beginning of the 1860's, when it was home to Benjamin Dyer and ClarrisaSpeare Dyer, natives of Braintree, Vermont.

North Vancouver Bed and Breakfast

ThistleDown Vancouver Bed and Breakfast on the North Shore is a 1920 Craftsman-style heritage-listed home lovingly restored with great care and filled with antiques, hand-crafted furnishings and works of art from around the world. Set in a half-acre of lawns and gardens, it is an entrancing oasis of rest and relaxation away from the bustle of the great City of Vancouver, yet only minutes from its centre.

Cartier Mansion, Michigan

Plan the perfect Lake Michigan vacation by staying at an exquisite Michigan Inn - Cartier Mansion Bed & Breakfast in Ludington, Michigan. Experience the historic elegance and tranquility of Ludington lumber baron Warren Cartier's 1905 neoclassical estate as you explore its many rooms, still endowed with their original woodwork, fixtures, flooring, and countless antiques. Featured in Historic Homes of America and Grand Homes of the Midwest, Cartier Mansion is only minutes away from the breathtaking grandeur of the picturesque Lake Michigan shoreline, wonderfully preserved in some of Michigan's most beautiful state and local parks.

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Gifts For The Little Girls In Your Life

For the little girls in your life, we compiled a list of more than 11 gifts that would make them very happy. We tried to keep them at a decent price so it wouldn't hurt your budget too much. Hope that you find at least one that is exactly what you were looking for a great price.

There are so many new toys popping up everywhere. It's not always easy to decide what to get.

Hope that you find something here to your liking.

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And all that's nice,
That's what little girls are made of.

One Of The Best Gift You Can Give A Child Is A Book

According to a number of studies which are described in this article, The power of reading early is the best thing you can do for your child.

A number of studies link reading and writing literacy to productivity later in life. And research demonstrates that early exposure to books and reading can predict better academic skills in early grade school.

Favorite Toy When I Was A Little Girl

When I was growing up, my parents did not believe in buying too many toys for children.

It was right after the World War II and the money just wasn't there for buying toys for 6 children.

So, I do remember my favorite toy because I only had a few.

It was a vinyl doll about 13 inches long made by Viceroy.

What about yours?

Fisher-Price Grow With Me Trike for Girls

Lots of fun to ride on this little trike

This trike features contemporary, fresh designer styling at an attractive price-point with an adjustable seat as a grow with me feature.

Features:Adjustable seat
Features thick handles and pedals for a comfortable ride
Fresh designer styling at an attractive price - point
Perfect first contemporary trike
Age: 24 months - 5 years
Dimensions: 21" H x 28.5" W x 19" L