Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review Galaxy Note 5 - breakthrough design, camera quality

Modular design, metal frame combined Gorrila Corning Glass toughened glass 4 in front and behind the dorsal surface curved glass sides are the new highlights on the form the latest generation Galaxy Note.

With the new design looks elegant Galaxy Note 5 and more refined thanks to larger, rounded corners are not too many. Additionally, the glass in the back is curved sides, combined with ultra-thin screen edges only 2.4 mm enables impressive large screen smartphone Galaxy Note iPhone 5 is still more comfortable 6 Plus.

5 Galaxy Note is one of the Samsung smartphone has the best finishing quality. Shown in the curve of the glass in the back and the exposed metal frame seamless, very comfortable to hold. The buttons, connectors or external speakers also share part cut around the metal frame finishing sophisticated and meticulous.

Pen S Pen comes to be refreshed with more buttons on the top makes it easy to take over, nearly identical to the boot operation press pen to write on ordinary ballpoint pen. On the Galaxy Note 5, plug the pen tray no longer thrilling hand and aesthetics than on the predecessor.

Color is another highlight in the Galaxy Note 5. Through special optical coating on the back helps create depth to the color on the body depending on the natural light conditions S6 and S6 as Galaxy edge. In the first two editions were brought to Vietnam, Black Sapphire and Platinum gold, the yellow looks sleek, eye-catching.

The marked change in design Galaxy Note 5 brought no little different from previous generations. Products no longer infrared eye (for remote control) and memory card slot tray, instead of memory in super high speed UFS 2.0, 32 GB capacity. 3000 mAh capacity battery is not removable but adds wireless capability fast charger. This is one of the attractive features users, especially when the habit of using the fast charger handy and a popular day out.

S6 and S6 as well as Galaxy edge, the main camera on the back Note 5 above the surface a bit rough on the back, because the integrated lens Optical SteadyShot OIS.

Do not change the screen's parameters but Galaxy Note 5 beautiful than the previous generation. Image clarity and truer thing noticeable when placed next Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy Note predecessor model.

According Display Mate, an organization that evaluates the quality of the screen, Samsung's high end smart phone is one of the quality best displays on the market today.

Samsung uses a 5.7 inch screen with a resolution of 4K QuadHD and Super AMOLED technology. But pixel density of 518 ppi Note 5 to reach help for crisp detail and smooth. Users can even set up at very small font but still sharp and visible.

After many generations, the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 5 increasingly better, more good and outstanding common Stylus pen. Designed pen easier to hold. Apart from writing, drawing with precision or for feeling like writing on ordinary paper, the S Pen on the Note 5 also notes strong possibility as well as extended control features, in addition to operations touch by hand.

Advantages of the new S Pen Note 5 is the ability notes even when the screen is off. Just withdraw the pen, users can write right on the screen is turned off without doing any further action. Compared to finding paper to take notes with a pen generally, drawn pen and notes faster Galaxy Note 5.

Features quick notes (Air Command) on Galaxy Note 5 still includes 3 main parts Screen Writer - notes on any screen, Smart Select - select and save content, Action Memo - notes and interact with contents of notes. Also, if necessary, the user can select and put on another 3 applications.

Two worthwhile additional feature which is write, take notes directly on the PDF files and screenshots rolls. In particular, the feature screen capture nice rolls, making it easy to save a web page with the full length content, instead of shooting several times and each page as on smartphones.
In addition to work, high-end smartphone from Samsung also strongly connected to the peripherals, wireless data sharing and multitasking run. Audio processing capabilities on the Galaxy Note 5 also better thanks to additional technology UHQ Audio sound simulator. The tracks have lower capacity, compression takes more will be handled and lifted higher quality, detailed sound, or more vivid and original.

The advantage of image quality 16 megapixel camera than the lens aperture F / 1.9, supports OIS optical image stabilizer and video recording UltraHD 4K format. Camera still very fast startup and shutter operation with the Home key flashes 2 times. Galaxy Note 5 for detailed images and crisp, good depth of field, beautiful bokeh lens aperture f thanks / 1.9. But the point is much more professional mode (Pro), allows users to set multiple parameters than on the Galaxy Note 5. In addition to ISO, brightness, white balance, or about focus, can adjust speed shutter, super fast speed from 1 / 24,000 sec to 10 sec exposure. Photographs can also be saved as a RAW format.

Video streaming - Live Broadcast is a new feature but easy to use and fun. Galaxy Note 5 video and broadcast live through a YouTube account to share for others to view. The simple initial setup, enable broadcast via both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and resolution of Full HD video can reach 1.080p.

Compared with Galaxy Note 4, the front camera on the Galaxy Note 5 is raised 5 "dots". Advanced model from Samsung for the ability to selfie good when not only has a wide-angle lens, but also in image quality when shooting portraits pretty natural.

As four generations ago, the performance on the new Galaxy Note continues to surpass most advanced smartphone launch. Lollipo Android OS with TouchWiz UI customization Note 5 run smoother on the sample other premium Galaxy. Two changes Samsung is upgrading the RAM to 4GB capacity and reduce pre-installed software from scratch.

With the introduction of 3000 mAh capacity lower down Galaxy Note 4, the battery is something a lot of people interested in the Galaxy Note 5. But in reality, it is still good. In addition to long-time use, allow operation than 1 day to 1.5 days in high intensity, Galaxy Note 5 also supports fast charging both wired and wireless. Full charge time with old chargers and cables Attached average only 80 to 90 minutes, 30% faster than many smartphones have equivalent battery.

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