Monday, September 28, 2015

Galaxy Tab S2 - sleek, good performance

Galaxy Tab S2 is the thinnest tablet world but still certainly impressive, beautiful screen with the advantage of many customized software and good operational performance.

Tab S2 can be considered as the tablets have the most innovative design of Samsung in recent years. Instead of the screen long tradition 16:10, Korean manufacturers have decided to switch to the ratio of 4: 3 is said to be suitable multi-purpose use with a tablet. In addition, it is also the thinnest tablet double the current world, surpassing iPad Air 2 and Dell Venue 8 7000.

The first impression of the new line of Samsung's Tab S2 boxy styling than before by changing the ratio of the screen. Compared with earlier disasters 16:10 lot of entertainment such as watching videos, the ratio of 4: 3 help look neat superior machine. The shorter length makes the heart machine near the bottom edge over and help with fatigue pawn in the long run. In version 8 inch screen, users can fully use the thumb and middle finger hold two comfortably.

Tab S2 has a thickness of only 5.6 mm and is the thinnest tablet. However, the machine is quite easy to hold thanks to the material on the back rough anti-slip metal edges and make sure the arm point. Samsung put the touch pad is Back and Menu keys close at Home and reduces finger touch handheld mistake.

Despite the impressive thinness, Galaxy Tab S2 has integrated all hardware keys as well as the SIM card slot, microSD card into the side. Meanwhile camera on the back is without LED flash comes.

Galaxy Tab S2 version tested with size 8 inch Super Amoled panels 1,536 x 2,048 resolution pixels. The screen brightness outdoor big help look good, wide viewing angle and no color change or brightness when tilting the camera. Compared with the previous generation, display calibration Tab S2 is better colors, better contrast, but not too bright. High resolution helps show sharp, almost undetectable cog in the small details of the image when viewed with the naked eye. Page renowned technology The Verge also spent 9 for the visibility of this device.

However, on the Galaxy Tab S2, please point most users will come from software. The tablet runs Android has always outdone iPad term operability of stability and customization on the big screen but on Tab S2 is a different story. New Samsung TouchWiz interface design with large icons, lined up quite well and show identical in both horizontal or vertical usage. Most Android tablets often only as telephone interface should look ordinary enlarge pretty rough, difficult to use.

Samsung's new tablet equipped with a Home button cum new type fingerprint sensor similar to the Galaxy line S6 and the new Galaxy Note 5. Instead of having to claw as the previous generation, opening more simple machines by simply pressing the button and keep your finger is more less than one second to unlock the machine. No integration of Android basic keys on the screen as some recent Android tablet line also can be seen as a plus for the Galaxy Tab S2.

In addition to split-screen feature, the software can minimize the window and display multiple windows simultaneously on the screen of Tab S2. With some applications, the user can drag and drop content such as images, text back and forth. It has a SIM card slot, supports 3G connectivity and the seats as the phone, but when a call comes in, the device only displays a small box to inform and not to affect the application being used.

Compared with series tablet running Android and iPad, Galaxy Tab S2 featured office suite from Microsoft Office license preinstalled. These features are not inferior to the traditional PC computer allowing users to work and play simultaneously, replace bulkier laptop. Comes in an account for free One Drive 100GB useful within 2 years. To better support for Office applications suite, Samsung also attach accessories Bluetooth keyboard for Galaxy Tab S2 leave form Coverbook holster. Compared to the iPad, the Android operating system supports connecting external memory or keyboard mouse easier to have many advantages in supporting the work of the user.

To cater for the possibility of multitasking as traditional PC, Galaxy Tab S2 is equipped with a good configuration with Samsung Exynos 5433 processor with 8 cores include 4 core 1.9 GHz speed for demanding tasks and 4 1.3 GHz core speed for light tasks and save more battery. Also, the machine also has 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of internal memory and can be expanded with microSD memory card slot.

Change lot of style and functionality but Tab S2 is virtually unchanged on camera equipped as the previous generation. Rear camera 8 megapixel resolution but no LED flash, while the front is 2.1 megapixels. The only change is the wider aperture allows shooting up a little better, but actually using less feel the difference. Snapshot of the day fairly while shots in low light conditions are not really good. However, compared with the multi-tablet on the market today, Tab S2 remains among the few best photographic model.

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