Thursday, October 22, 2015

Facebook uses satellites to provide free Internet for Africa

Specifically, the largest social networking planet reached a cooperation agreement with Eutelsat, a company operating in France via satellite Internet to transmit Internet to areas without sub-regional connectivity in the Sahara (Africa). This process will be starting from the second half of next year.

Facebook and Eutelsat satellite will operate AMOS-6, called the company Spacecom (based in Israel) will be launched into space later this year to broadcast free of charge to Internet users. This Internet service will allow users free access to some online services such as monitoring weather, medical information and the social network Facebook. Estimates of people in 14 countries of the most densely populated areas in Africa can use the free Internet services of Facebook.

It is the latest effort in the project that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the initiator. Previously there have been rumors that Facebook is developing its own satellites with a price of up to $ 1 billion to provide free Internet to many other regions of the world.

"Facebook's mission is to connect the world and we believe that the satellite will play an important role in addressing significant barriers still exist in the connection of the African people," Chris Daniels , Project Director share. "We will cooperate with Eutelsat in this project and is investing in ways to use the new satellite to efficiently connect people in the remote areas of the world".

Earlier this week, in a speech before the UN General Assembly, CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook dakeu call using the Internet as a tool to help reduce poverty worldwide. According to Zuckerberg, the Internet connection will help people in remote areas and the poor have access to knowledge, tools ... so that help them overcome poverty.

Also how to use satellites to provide free Internet, Facebook also has built unmanned aerial vehicle of their own to be able to provide free Internet in a large area around the globe. Notably, Facebook is not the only tech companies have ambitions to bring free internet to the global, previously Google also announced projects using balloon (instead of unmanned aerial vehicle as Facebook) to bring Internet services globally.

However, the project is also subject to Facebook's many critics to say that this project violates the principles of the "Internet neutrality" by offering some free services and unfair competition with the competitor. Even many comments concerned that Facebook may collect personal information and use them for espionage through its projects.

Surface Pro 4 - tablet more powerful than the MacBook Air

Surface Pro 4 - tablet more powerful than the MacBook Air

After launching Surface Pro version on June 3 last year, Microsoft has officially unveiled the upgraded version with many new enhancements.

In terms of design, the Surface Pro 4 still does not have too many changes in appearance compared to the previous version, except that Microsoft has redesigned to screen edges Surface Pro 4 becomes thinner. Screen size is also increased slightly, to 12.3-inch instead of 12-inch as previous versions.

Scores on a significant upgrade this tablet that is configured inside. Products owns a 12.3-inch screen with a resolution of 2K (2160x1440) to 267ppi pixel density. The display of the product is also equipped with features that detect 1024 different intensity levels when pressing on the screen, useful in case of using the stylus to write or draw writing on the screen.

Inside the processor is the latest generation Core M (codename Skylake) from Intel and graphics processor integrated Iris Pro. According to Intel, Core M processor generation can increase performance 3D graphics processor by 50% compared to the previous generation. Microsoft also confident that its product is a thin computer and use the most powerful Intel processor on the market, even for a stronger performance by 50% compared with Apple's MacBook Air laptop.

Surface Pro 4 is equipped with up to 16GB RAM with standard latest generation GDDR5 memory. Along with a 1TB hard drive and store the battery for 9 hours of usage time.

For users who already own the accessories for the Surface Pro 3 as keypad, ... power cable, the user still can use these accessories for the Surface Pro version 4 Latest without buying more. Meanwhile keypad type cover new generation for the Surface Pro 4 is equipped with both backlighting backlit

In addition, the Surface Pro 4 also introduced Surface enclosed pens Pen, is accompanied battery capable of up to 1 year of use, be accompanied by the "purge" in order to erase the contents were written or drawn on the screen.

Surface Pro 4 will be allowed to pre-order from the 7/10 date with a starting price of 899USD. Products will be to hit the shelves on September 26/10.

Surface Book - The first of the line laptop Surface

The product line of Microsoft's Surface tablet line "hybrid" laptop, meaning users can connect the product with keypad (buy) to turn the tablet into a laptop complete. However, Microsoft has officially changed its Surface line when the village first laptop, called the Surface Book. This is also the first laptop developed by Microsoft and manufacturing.

Despite being considered a laptop, but in fact the user has a detachable screen and keyboard if necessary. Products owned aluminum shell with rugged design and robust. On the keyboard of Surface Book touch trackpad is made of glass with 5-point touch. Part of this keyboard is also equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, a Mini Display Port port, SD card reader and terminal SurfaceConnect.

One of the reasons for Microsoft Surface Book view as a laptop because the owner widescreen 13.5-inch to larger than the tablet form currently on the market, with a resolution of 3000x2000, for confidentiality 267ppi pixel. The screen supports touch products and can use the Surface Pen.

Microsoft confirms Surface Book as "the fastest 13-inch laptops on the planet", the inner product is the processor Intel Core 6th generation (codenamed Skylake) and graphics processor integrated HD 520 or optional Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce graphics. Like the Surface Pro 4, the machine is equipped with 16GB of RAM and standard GDDR5 new generation 1TB hard drive standard SSD storage. The notebook also integrates biometric chip to use security features fingerprint.

The interconnection between the screen and keyboard with specially designed products help screen can be placed in many different positions.

The back of the product is the 8 megapixel camera on the front is also a 5 megapixel camera. Machine is also equipped with many sensors as on smartphones, including light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope ... Surface Book fitted the battery for 12 hours of use.

Products will be available on the market in the next 26/10 days with a starting price of 1.499USD (processor integrated graphics, 8GB of RAM).

Microsoft Smart Bracelet New Generation Band

October last year, Microsoft launched the smart bracelet its first Microsoft Band called and so far, Microsoft continues to launch an upgraded version of the bracelet, but retain the old name.

Microsoft New Generation Band with exquisite design and modern than the first generation, with technology AMOLED screen is slightly curved, with a resolution of 320x128, the same loop strap is made of materials called TPSiV ( elastic silicone resin).

Like the first-generation Microsoft Band, bracelet new generation of Microsoft's main task is to monitor the health and fitness of the wearer through the sensor on the product. Users can use the Band to monitor heart rate, temperature sensor to measure the body through the skin, the sensor for measuring the level of sun UV ... besides product is also equipped with monitoring features sleep state of the user, energy consumption ... the Band recorded data will be synchronized through Microsoft Health applications on the mobile device.

Microsoft said Band owns the battery for 48 hours of continuous operation and takes 1.5 hours to fully charge. Microsoft New Generation Band is compatible with smartphones running Windows 8.1 or higher, iPhone 4S or higher (required iOS 8.1.2 and above) and devices running Android 4.3 and above.

Products will be marketed from next 30/10 days at a price of US $ 249.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

These high-end smart watches sold second half 2015

Pebble Time Round

Pebble continues to surprise with the launch of smart watches named its latest design Time Round round face - this is the first intelligent clock Its design uses round.

Still exit the traditional watch design, minimalism Time Round was in design with curved lines and beautifully accompanied the keys are placed in 2 next to the clock.

As announced, the thickness of only 7.5 mm clock, beating many other rivals and become the thinnest smart meter now.

Pebble also offer color choice for users with three options as white, black and pink gold. Also, Time Round also has a large selection of leather strap and metal, to accompany the clock face dimensions were 20 mm and 14 mm.

Additionally, Time Round used 1.25 inch diameter screens, battery life and continuous use equipped for 2-3 days, 5-7 days, a lower figure as the previous line Steel Pebble.

This watch is compatible with iOS and Android and price were offered 249 USD (equivalent to 5.3 million).

Samsung S2 Gear

Samsung has made improvements in design brilliant clock with the company's Smart Gear S2.

Instead of toxic strange shapes like the Fit or Gear Gear Gear S is in S2, the shape of them look pretty, simple decor, traditional clocks title.

On the front, Samsung used a circular screen size 1.2 inches Super AMOLED technology. Strap this device can be changed easily without difficulty as the previous product. Users can purchase additional sample different straps to change.

Inside, Gear S2 uses a dual-core processor speed of 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of internal memory and launch Tizen platform - allowing connectivity with all Android phones.

Additionally, Gear S2 also supports water and dust resistant IP68 standards, integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC.

Gear S2 will have two versions: Classic Gear S2 399 Euros (about 10 million) and S2 Gear 349 Euro price (around 8.7 million).

Moto 360 (2015)

As a next generation of Smart Watches Moto its latest 360. This new version gives users three size version to use instead of only one size as before.

Specifically, the Moto 360 Generation 2 will have the option of a version for women, men and a sporty version with optional sizes 42 mm and 46 mm is.

Going into the design, the new Moto 360 has the familiar shape is round but is "sharpening" leaner and more beautiful the older version. The function keys are also designed smaller and no bunkers like the previous version.

Inside, the new Moto 360 1.56 inch LCD screens (46 mm) and 1.37 inch (42 mm), 400 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 512 MB RAM and 400 mAh battery and 300 mAh.

Particularly in the sports version, the design of this version is to use plastic material to help increase reliability and better impact resistance. The screen also uses special types, for better visibility under sunlight.

At prices of this product starting from 299 USD and 429 USD is the highest (about 6.5 million to 9 million).

Huawei Watch

This is the latest smart meter Huawei is designed in traditional style with a round face and strap can be replaced easily.

Compared with the above product line, Huawei Watch only a meter size of 42 mm - suit size men's large hands. This is seen as a constraint for this timepiece.

As announced, the borders of the watch is made of stainless steel with two options is gilded version ($ 800 - about 17 million) and stainless steel version ($ 350 - about 8 million copper).

Accompany it's optional leather strap or stainless steel, for gold plated version, strap material will be stainless steel and color tone with clock face.

Watch Huawei uses AMOLED touchscreen of 1.4 inches round in size 400 x 400 resolution (286ppi) and contrast ratio of 10,000: 1.

Inside, the machine's presence 4 chip, 512 MB RAM, connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and launch the platform Android Wear.

In addition, the product is integrated heart rate sensor (sensor PPG) can be measured accurately.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Functional testing Facebook "Dislike" in a way few people think to

If the button "Like" (favorite) has long been considered a characteristic symbol of social network Facebook, then press the button "Dislike" (Dislikes) are features most desired by many people appear on Facebook .

Last month, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that social networking is considering the development of the button "Dislike" as a way for users to express anger or disagreement with the message not happy, but Zuckerberg also confirmed that the button "Dislike" that Facebook developers will not like buttons "Like" or what users are thinking.

And now that Mark Zuckerberg promises have come true, as Facebook has just introduced feature called "Reactions" (reaction), is a set of seven different emoticons, including "Like" "Love", "Haha", "Yay", "Wow", "Sad" and "Angry", which users can use this symbol as a way to express feelings and attitudes, rather so just click "Like" as before.

With this new feature, besides the Like button, users can select one of six different emotions of "Reactions" to express their attitude to the content being shared on Facebook. To select one of the feelings of Reactions, users press and hold the Like button on Facebook and choose one of the emoticons appear.

Like the "Like" the total number of people expressing emotions are also used, such a lot of people chose the "Love" (Love) for your article or how many people have expressed feelings "Angry" (Anger) with a certain content. List of those who express different emotions for content on Facebook will also be displayed, just like with a "Like" familiar.

"Over the years, many people have asked more buttons" dislike ". Not all moments are beautiful moments and sometimes you want a way to express empathy ", Mark Zuckerberg explained the new features on its Facebook page. "There are important moments you need the power to share more than ever before and a button" Like "is not the best way to play."

"Reactions will give you new ways to express love, terror, humor and sorrow. That's not the button "dislike", but it will give you the power to easily express the sorrow and sympathy, beyond joy and warmth, "said Mark Zuckerberg share more.

New features are currently testing Facebook for users in Spain and Ireland, before deciding to continue to provide this feature globally widespread or not.

So again Facebook has "shirk" providing buttons "Dislike" for users and features "Reactions" was viewed as a feature "Fire", rather than a real feature users look forward to.

Facebook also has repeatedly explained why social networks are not equipped with the button "Dislike" to users, but one of the most logical reason for that is the button "Dislike" can create relationships Us not good among Facebook users together, instead of creating an empathy and sharing criteria like social network is active.

"The reason we brought the" Like "to Facebook because many people want to admit something that someone has done, but do not want to say or not say anything. And instead of responding to comments like 'great' or 'wow', we bring the "Like" so people can replace words with just one click ", Bret Taylor, former chief technology officer Facebook and also the "father" of the "Like" on Facebook have shared.

"I feel that if there is extra buttons" Dislike "will lead to negative social relationships and not nice. If you do not like what is shared on Facebook, simply write a comment, because that's what you want to say. Anyway button "Like" does not bring negative emotions and complex as the "Dislike" can bring ", Taylor explains why the" Dislike "may not appear on Facebook

Friday, October 16, 2015

There should always be plugged to the laptop or not?

There are many ways you can do to increase the battery life on my laptop, but is there any way to help increase battery life, or not? A discussion of the most controversial in the history of the laptop, it should always be plugged in, or only when batteries charged?

The following article will help you to answer are questions.

1. Understand the battery on a laptop

There are 2 main types of batteries used in laptops: battery lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries.

Although using different technologies, but basically, the features of the two batteries similar activities, based on the principle of the electrons move. This flow also keeps the battery life is long wearing.

For the 2 types of battery on a laptop, the two things are correct:

- A battery can not be overloaded when charging. There will be no danger when you are plugged in at the battery is full. The reason is that once reached up to 100%, it will automatically disconnect the power source, and will not continue until the battery charger drops a certain amount. Therefore, the withdrawal of the full battery charging almost do not bring something positive than to let the battery charger plug.

- However, in order to clean the battery may cause damage to the battery life. To pin depleted many times can make it into a state of "deep discharge". At that time, very likely it will not be restored.

2. Factors detrimental to battery

The fact is that even if you have nowhere to preserve battery life will decrease with time, or it is also called "bottle pin". There are several factors that should be avoided, because they will cause direct harm to the battery on your device:

- Charging cycle: Each battery has a number of charging and charging certain withdrawal, aka charging cycles.

- The amount of voltage: the higher charging current, battery life decreases

- High temperature (over 30 ° C): High temperatures can cause irreparable consequences to the pin.

3. There should remove the batteries?

In theory, the pin on all laptops are c removable and replaced. But the answer depends on the different manufacturers. With the Acer laptop, users can enjoy without worrying about the battery removable machine gasp. However with its Mac line, Apple recommends that users do not disassemble the battery to ensure absolute safety.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Pebble launch Time Round: ultra-thin smart meter, price is not cheap

Pebble Time Round promises to be an option worth considering for those who desire an intelligent device wear lightweight, long battery life. However users will be exchanged for the average visibility as well as the price is not too cheap.

Time Round the clock lines of the latest Smart Pebble newly introduced, with the main feature is the slim, lightweight. This is also the first product of Pebble using circular instead face square face.
Round Time only 7.5mm thick and weighing 28 grams, the form of round clock face 1.25-inch diameter. Time Round will be the world's lightest thin SmartWatch at the moment.

To improve battery life as its tradition, Pebble still use technology e-ink screen on Time Round. However, with the thin as mentioned above, the battery life on this new timepiece was only about 2-3 days, 5-7 days instead of as on the previous model Pebble clock. However, the battery life is still higher than most current models on the market SmartWatch, not to mention that it is equipped with fast charging capabilities, allowing us to charge the 15 minutes that used all day.

For compatibility with circular clock face, Pebble must also change the look on Pebble Time Round, simultaneously released the SDK for developers to write applications for this timepiece. Our products are compatible with both iOS and Android.

Pebble Round Time will start being sold from this November, with $ 249, which is equal to the Pebble Steel and higher than the Pebble Time ($ 179). Users will have 2 options 22mm or 14mm strap.