Friday, October 2, 2015

Pebble launch Time Round: ultra-thin smart meter, price is not cheap

Pebble Time Round promises to be an option worth considering for those who desire an intelligent device wear lightweight, long battery life. However users will be exchanged for the average visibility as well as the price is not too cheap.

Time Round the clock lines of the latest Smart Pebble newly introduced, with the main feature is the slim, lightweight. This is also the first product of Pebble using circular instead face square face.
Round Time only 7.5mm thick and weighing 28 grams, the form of round clock face 1.25-inch diameter. Time Round will be the world's lightest thin SmartWatch at the moment.

To improve battery life as its tradition, Pebble still use technology e-ink screen on Time Round. However, with the thin as mentioned above, the battery life on this new timepiece was only about 2-3 days, 5-7 days instead of as on the previous model Pebble clock. However, the battery life is still higher than most current models on the market SmartWatch, not to mention that it is equipped with fast charging capabilities, allowing us to charge the 15 minutes that used all day.

For compatibility with circular clock face, Pebble must also change the look on Pebble Time Round, simultaneously released the SDK for developers to write applications for this timepiece. Our products are compatible with both iOS and Android.

Pebble Round Time will start being sold from this November, with $ 249, which is equal to the Pebble Steel and higher than the Pebble Time ($ 179). Users will have 2 options 22mm or 14mm strap.

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