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Surface Pro 4 - tablet more powerful than the MacBook Air

Surface Pro 4 - tablet more powerful than the MacBook Air

After launching Surface Pro version on June 3 last year, Microsoft has officially unveiled the upgraded version with many new enhancements.

In terms of design, the Surface Pro 4 still does not have too many changes in appearance compared to the previous version, except that Microsoft has redesigned to screen edges Surface Pro 4 becomes thinner. Screen size is also increased slightly, to 12.3-inch instead of 12-inch as previous versions.

Scores on a significant upgrade this tablet that is configured inside. Products owns a 12.3-inch screen with a resolution of 2K (2160x1440) to 267ppi pixel density. The display of the product is also equipped with features that detect 1024 different intensity levels when pressing on the screen, useful in case of using the stylus to write or draw writing on the screen.

Inside the processor is the latest generation Core M (codename Skylake) from Intel and graphics processor integrated Iris Pro. According to Intel, Core M processor generation can increase performance 3D graphics processor by 50% compared to the previous generation. Microsoft also confident that its product is a thin computer and use the most powerful Intel processor on the market, even for a stronger performance by 50% compared with Apple's MacBook Air laptop.

Surface Pro 4 is equipped with up to 16GB RAM with standard latest generation GDDR5 memory. Along with a 1TB hard drive and store the battery for 9 hours of usage time.

For users who already own the accessories for the Surface Pro 3 as keypad, ... power cable, the user still can use these accessories for the Surface Pro version 4 Latest without buying more. Meanwhile keypad type cover new generation for the Surface Pro 4 is equipped with both backlighting backlit

In addition, the Surface Pro 4 also introduced Surface enclosed pens Pen, is accompanied battery capable of up to 1 year of use, be accompanied by the "purge" in order to erase the contents were written or drawn on the screen.

Surface Pro 4 will be allowed to pre-order from the 7/10 date with a starting price of 899USD. Products will be to hit the shelves on September 26/10.

Surface Book - The first of the line laptop Surface

The product line of Microsoft's Surface tablet line "hybrid" laptop, meaning users can connect the product with keypad (buy) to turn the tablet into a laptop complete. However, Microsoft has officially changed its Surface line when the village first laptop, called the Surface Book. This is also the first laptop developed by Microsoft and manufacturing.

Despite being considered a laptop, but in fact the user has a detachable screen and keyboard if necessary. Products owned aluminum shell with rugged design and robust. On the keyboard of Surface Book touch trackpad is made of glass with 5-point touch. Part of this keyboard is also equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, a Mini Display Port port, SD card reader and terminal SurfaceConnect.

One of the reasons for Microsoft Surface Book view as a laptop because the owner widescreen 13.5-inch to larger than the tablet form currently on the market, with a resolution of 3000x2000, for confidentiality 267ppi pixel. The screen supports touch products and can use the Surface Pen.

Microsoft confirms Surface Book as "the fastest 13-inch laptops on the planet", the inner product is the processor Intel Core 6th generation (codenamed Skylake) and graphics processor integrated HD 520 or optional Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce graphics. Like the Surface Pro 4, the machine is equipped with 16GB of RAM and standard GDDR5 new generation 1TB hard drive standard SSD storage. The notebook also integrates biometric chip to use security features fingerprint.

The interconnection between the screen and keyboard with specially designed products help screen can be placed in many different positions.

The back of the product is the 8 megapixel camera on the front is also a 5 megapixel camera. Machine is also equipped with many sensors as on smartphones, including light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope ... Surface Book fitted the battery for 12 hours of use.

Products will be available on the market in the next 26/10 days with a starting price of 1.499USD (processor integrated graphics, 8GB of RAM).

Microsoft Smart Bracelet New Generation Band

October last year, Microsoft launched the smart bracelet its first Microsoft Band called and so far, Microsoft continues to launch an upgraded version of the bracelet, but retain the old name.

Microsoft New Generation Band with exquisite design and modern than the first generation, with technology AMOLED screen is slightly curved, with a resolution of 320x128, the same loop strap is made of materials called TPSiV ( elastic silicone resin).

Like the first-generation Microsoft Band, bracelet new generation of Microsoft's main task is to monitor the health and fitness of the wearer through the sensor on the product. Users can use the Band to monitor heart rate, temperature sensor to measure the body through the skin, the sensor for measuring the level of sun UV ... besides product is also equipped with monitoring features sleep state of the user, energy consumption ... the Band recorded data will be synchronized through Microsoft Health applications on the mobile device.

Microsoft said Band owns the battery for 48 hours of continuous operation and takes 1.5 hours to fully charge. Microsoft New Generation Band is compatible with smartphones running Windows 8.1 or higher, iPhone 4S or higher (required iOS 8.1.2 and above) and devices running Android 4.3 and above.

Products will be marketed from next 30/10 days at a price of US $ 249.

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