Friday, October 16, 2015

There should always be plugged to the laptop or not?

There are many ways you can do to increase the battery life on my laptop, but is there any way to help increase battery life, or not? A discussion of the most controversial in the history of the laptop, it should always be plugged in, or only when batteries charged?

The following article will help you to answer are questions.

1. Understand the battery on a laptop

There are 2 main types of batteries used in laptops: battery lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries.

Although using different technologies, but basically, the features of the two batteries similar activities, based on the principle of the electrons move. This flow also keeps the battery life is long wearing.

For the 2 types of battery on a laptop, the two things are correct:

- A battery can not be overloaded when charging. There will be no danger when you are plugged in at the battery is full. The reason is that once reached up to 100%, it will automatically disconnect the power source, and will not continue until the battery charger drops a certain amount. Therefore, the withdrawal of the full battery charging almost do not bring something positive than to let the battery charger plug.

- However, in order to clean the battery may cause damage to the battery life. To pin depleted many times can make it into a state of "deep discharge". At that time, very likely it will not be restored.

2. Factors detrimental to battery

The fact is that even if you have nowhere to preserve battery life will decrease with time, or it is also called "bottle pin". There are several factors that should be avoided, because they will cause direct harm to the battery on your device:

- Charging cycle: Each battery has a number of charging and charging certain withdrawal, aka charging cycles.

- The amount of voltage: the higher charging current, battery life decreases

- High temperature (over 30 ° C): High temperatures can cause irreparable consequences to the pin.

3. There should remove the batteries?

In theory, the pin on all laptops are c removable and replaced. But the answer depends on the different manufacturers. With the Acer laptop, users can enjoy without worrying about the battery removable machine gasp. However with its Mac line, Apple recommends that users do not disassemble the battery to ensure absolute safety.

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