Saturday, September 26, 2015

The world's largest aircraft expected to perform test flights in 2016.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen started planning to build the world's largest plane in 2011.With some partner - including Elon Musk. Currently, the aircraft (called Stratolaunch) is under construction at Port Aviation, Space Mojave in California and is expected to undergo the first test flight in 2016.

Paul Allen said his company ( Stratolaunch Systems) does not build planes have oversized dimensions for the purpose of setting the record, which projects towards the implementation of the missile launch from the satellites contain researchers said bay. Satellite launch from the aircraft will take place even if the severe weather conditions. The solution also is expected to save energy when the rocket will not start flying at a speed equal to "zero" as the case was launched from the ground. Another advantage of this type of aircraft engineers, scientists can choose the most ideal place to launch missiles without depending on the launching pad. If this test is successful, the satellite will be launched into orbit quickly and more accurately though there is a weight limit will not carry large (due to weight limitations of the aircraft).

Another company Scaled Composites named Burt Rutan with founders is also one of the founders of Stratolaunch Systems, is responsible for closing the world's largest aircraft Stratolaunch using two Boeing 747. According to is, the aircraft when completed, will have a wingspan of 100 meters, 37 meters wider than the wingspan of an Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft in the world today. Chairman Kevin Scaled Composites company's Mickey joked that if put aircraft "oversized" golf balls into the head and tail of it will pass both the goal to 4.5 meters.

Another issue is making the researchers headaches as aircraft need a 3.6 km long runway to take off. While most commercial airplanes currently just over 2 km runway that was able to perform a safe takeoff. Despite the difficulties ahead, Paul Allen still hoping to launch missiles from aircraft will be popular in the future and reduce the cost of space research. Let's wait and see the dream of Paul Allen's colleagues have come true or not?

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