Thursday, September 24, 2015

The mobile phone has the ability to predict the mood of human depression

Smartphones today have been developed beyond the usual features of it as calling, messaging. They are far more integrated features such as Internet access, email, write documents, play games ... Apparently, the smartphone is growing more in terms of features, even in the future we have can detect the status of the user boring.

The researchers from Telefonica Research, Barcelona, ​​Spain have devised an algorithm that detects the level of a boring person based on activities on their phone, such as the last time people it received a call or a text message, or how long he touches new handset once. The rate predicted by this method is about 83% accuracy.

To arrive at this conclusion, the researchers used an Android application to examine the level of user boring daily, lasted for two weeks. The answers were then compared with the data from the smart phone of the respondents, including the number of applications they've used, while using the device...
From these data, the researchers will build an application to predict whether a user is really boring or not. If the application detects the boring, it will automatically display a message suggesting the user to read an article on Buzz Feed. After two weeks, the researchers realized that people really bored tend click Buzz Feed informed than those who accidentally being harassed by this notice.

Tilman Dingler, co-author of the study said that they want to go further with his work to see people want to read what the best content when bored. Earlier, in July, a similar study has come to the conclusion phone users more often likely to become depressed.

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