Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Apple watchOS 2 - the operating system for the smart watch

Besides adding new native features, Apple also officially named the operating system for the smart watch is OS watch.

Even when called with the new name, the operating system for Apple's smart watch has entered the second version, called OS 2 watch. Beta version for developers in today even while users universally free upgrades around September next.

With OS 2 watch, Apple Watch has added new types of clock face or allow users to create your own clock face, select a photo from Album, Time-lapse shapes from different locations in real time. Products also adds night mode and self-activate when on the cradle to allow the battery information display, time and alarm.

Users are free to personalize the watch face.

The new operating system allows users to create phonebook, answer emails on Apple Watch. Also call connected through iPhone, FaceTime Audio (audio only) can also be used around the clock.

Similarly on iOS 9, watchOS 2 also brings diverse solvency by Apple Pay or direction through the public media in Apple Maps app.

FaceTime calling directly from Apple Audio Watch.

For developers, the operating system for Apple's SmartWatch also become more open to allow data taken directly from the device's information microphone, speaker, accelerometer, digital compass ... Application Development Ministry HomeKit link software allows to adjust the device in the home or HealthKit for applications related to health.

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