Tuesday, June 9, 2015

OS X El Capitan 10.11 unveiled

OS X version 10.11  for the Mac to focus on two main factors is the user experience and optimum performance.

WWDC 2015 opens with the debut OS X El Capitan operation system.

Apple continues to name the new OS version under US landmarks. El Capitan is a steep mountain base located in Yosemite National Park (also the name of the version OS X 10.10).

Apple representatives started talking about OS X 10.11 by major changes in the Safari browser. Users were able to "pin" the only site in the tab bar by pulling to the left, quite similar features of Google Chrome. The address bar also added the ability to concurrently inform directly the music on and off.

Safari allows web pages or user pin and turn off loud music on the address bar.

Spotlight on the new version allows search phrase like a natural spoken language. For example, "documents that I've worked on in June". Applications can also look up the weather, stock, game scores.

 OS X 10.11 also brings new application notes as well as Mission Control interface enhancements to manage the windows better. Notably features Split View, split the screen into two halves for different applications like Windows 8.

Divide the screen into two to work simultaneously two software like Windows 8.

In terms of performance, Apple has made some convincing figures. These include the time you open the application on El Capitan 1.4 times faster than Yosemite. Switching between applications twice as fast while PDF files are opened in Preview 4 times faster.

Misson Control more effectively.

Apple also put Metal on Mac like other iOS which introduced last year to replace the OpenGL graphics rendering. Ability to render more effective when it is 40%.

El Capitan OS X is available for the developers of today and for a free download for all Mac users fall.

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